Argentine Judge Grants Chimpanzee Nonhuman Rights

Argentine Judge Grants Chimpanzee Nonhuman Rights

Under progressive rule, the concept of rights becomes ever more bizarre. You can do jail time for selling an undercover agent a bowl of your homemade ceviche. Yet monkeys have the right not to live in confinement. From Argentina, a formerly prosperous country that was destroyed by progressivism:

A judge has ruled that a zoo chimpanzee is a “being” with “non- human rights ” in a landmark animal welfare case.

Cecilia, in her 30s, has been kept alone in a concrete enclosure for years at the shabby Mendoza Zoo in Argentina after the death of two of her mates.

But after complaints from a Spanish visitor, sparking a two-year legal wrangle, Judge María Alejandra Mauricio ruled Cecilia be freed and transferred to a sanctuary in Brazil.

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Judge Mauricio said non-human creatures possessed rights related to their “animal essence”.

Among these rights are an animal’s “rights to development, to life in their natural habitat,” according to the judge.

This is bad news for snake owners. By extension, the ruling means that all the feeder rats at the pet store will need to be set free in the sewer. But then, pet snakes will need to be set free too, as will every other animal that lives in human custody, including the ones we rely on for food.

Whether Cecilia is eligible to vote and collect welfare depends on future rulings.

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