Brokenhearted dog was so sad after being taken to animal shelter that she refused to go on walks [Video]

Brokenhearted dog was so sad after being taken to animal shelter that she refused to go on walks [Video]

I feel so bad for this pup! She was the runt of the litter in Mexico and found her way to a shelter in Toronto. That she survived Mexico is a miracle in itself. She’s five now and she finally got adopted by a family. I guess she snapped at the mom and since they had kids, they returned the dog. Lana hadn’t done that before, but someone may have threatened her food or scared her. I don’t blame the family – you can’t have a dog around children that snaps. But poor Lana. She wouldn’t eat or walk for a whole day. And the pictures of her hanging her head in sorrow are heart breaking.


From the Daily Mail:

A dog was so heartbroken after being returned to an animal shelter by her family that she ‘shut down’ and refused to go on walks.

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Lana first arrived at the boarding kennel in Toronto as a puppy – the runt of a large litter in Mexico.

She was kept in a foster program, spending short amounts of time with different families with no problems reported.

She was five before she was placed with one permanently but they returned her after her guarding issues resurfaced.

And a picture taken of Lana moments after she was handed back to the rescue home shows a brokenhearted dog, with her head hanging low and her face pressed against the wall.

Dahlia Ayoub, of Mighty Mutts, said Lana was unresponsive for a whole day and refused to move or go on walks.

‘It’s almost like her world shut down,’ she told The Dodo.

Ayoub explained that Lana was the size of her hand when she arrived at the kennel and ‘terrified’ of everything.

But she added that the only time her guarding instincts, stemming from when she was forced to compete for food with her siblings, have only reappeared that one time.

‘She snapped at the mom. And they decided because they have kids in the house to bring her back to boarding.’

But Lana was soon back to her old self and was happy to see Ayoub the following day.

Although she is still looking for a ‘forever’ home, Lana’s story has a happy ending as she has found herself a new foster home.

Lana is with a good foster family right now, but I hope she finds a permanent home soon. One where they can take time with her and love her the way she needs to be loved and taken care of. Her life has been traumatic and she looks like a good and kind dog. She’s a pretty dog and some family would love to have her. When you adopt a pet, you have to be willing to work with them and help them. It’s like having a child. You wouldn’t try and take them back to a hospital if they misbehaved. You would work with the child and teach them not to do that again. Obviously, the people who adopted her do not know how to train a dog and don’t have enough patience to see issues through. The look in Lana’s eyes says it all – she thought no one loved her or wanted her. Evidently her foster family is very happy with Lana. Maybe they will keep her – she deserves a loving, kind home.




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