Detroit’s Dead Dogs

As moonbattery destroys everything around us, everyone suffers except the oligarchs driving the ideology — even dogs. In Detroit, the city where liberalism reigns supreme and unchallenged:

Action News went looking for answers after tipsters told us that it appears the bodies of hundreds of dead dogs are piled up in Detroit Animal Control’s cooler because the city has not paid contractors to remove them for cremation.

One source tells 7 Action News that a contractor would typically make removals twice a week, but because of payment problems it has been over one hundred days since the bodies of animals have been removed.

Detroit and the Obama Regime are on the same page when it comes to not only economic policy, race issues, and unions, but also transparency:

A spokesman for Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said Animal Control workers are under strict order not to talk to reporters. …

It’s unclear if there are enough workers to properly determine what dogs might be suited to turn over to the Michigan Humane Society for adoption.

It would appear that authorities are just killing the stray dogs they collect — like PETA does — then stuffing the carcasses into the cooler. When that fills up, they can start a new pile in the parking lot.

Hardly any people live in Detroit anymore; why not leave the dogs alone to survive as best they can amid the Hopey Changey ruins?

Detroit: Hell even for dogs.

On a tip from David M. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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