Heart-breaking moment a five-year-old girl finds her missing pet dog Flower… being sold ready-cooked, already roasted at a Vietnamese stall [Video]

When a society turns to eating dog meat, two things are apparent… they have a shortage of food and a level of human degradation that is systemic to that society. This is simply horrific. This story broke my heart and made me cry. I am not putting the picture up of the little girl’s dog, Flower, because I just can’t bear to. These dogs are being sold for what little money the owners can get, or they are being stolen from in front of homes or out of gardens in the countryside. This little girl raised Flower for three years and then her puppy disappeared. She found Flower already dead and roasted in front of a Vietnamese food stall. She will never be the same.

From the Daily Mail:

This is a nightmare moment for any dog owner: recognising their missing pets served in a roast shop. And it just happened to a five-year-old from northern Vietnam.

A picture of a little girl crying by a dog she believed to be her pet has quickly gone viral on the internet, according to People’s Daily Online.

The unidentified girl is reported to be living in the countryside of northern Vietnam. She had raised a dog ‘Flower’ for three years and was deeply saddened when her beloved pet went missing mysteriously.

She had spent great effort searching for ‘Flower’, but in vain.

A few days later, when the child passed by a local dog meat stall, she instantly recognised a dog which was lain on the street and had already been cooked.

‘That’s Flower,’ cried the girl while rushing over to the dog.

The picture breaks the heart of hundreds of thousands on the internet.

Many lament that the tragedy is too much for a five-year-old to bear and appeal for a ban on the consumption of dog meat.

Dog meat is treated as a delicacy in several Asian countries, including Korea, Vietnam and China.

A documentary made by Channel 4 last autumn revealed that seven tonnes of live dogs are shipped to the nation’s capital Hanoi every day with one slaughter house owner saying he killed up to 30 dogs a day.

Many of these dogs are pets stolen from gardens and front porches at night.

Killing dogs for food should be banned. Livestock could easily fill the bill here. I consider dogs to be innocent souls and this is barbaric. The poor pups just shake as they are all stuffed into cages together. They don’t even bark as they know death is coming. It reminds me of the Holocaust. The callousness and casualness of this is just stunning. The video below will rip your heart to shreds and it is graphic. How can humans live like this and retain any sense of their soul? Sometimes I wonder just how low humanity can go before a day of reckoning comes. Some things I wish I had never seen, this is one of them.

Warning: Graphic Content

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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