The Moment Two Abused Pups Become Friends Will Melt Your Heart

The Moment Two Abused Pups Become Friends Will Melt Your Heart

Sammie is a 4 month-old Boxer puppy who was shot in the head, spray painted blue and then dragged behind a car.

Simon is a 4 year-old Collie who suffered her own abuse before being brought to a shelter.

These two “trauma buddies” will leave you in happy tears.


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From The Daily Mail:

Two abused dogs have found a buddy for life in each other while they recover from their harrowing ordealsĀ in a South Carolina veterinary clinic.

Sammie, a four-month-old boxer puppy, was brought to a kill shelter by his ‘owner’ after the heartless individual spray-painted him, shot him in the head, and then dragged him behind a car.

The poor pooch was left for dead, but after hanging on for three days in agonizing pain, someone brought Sammie to a shelter.

The shelter rushed the dog to Paws & Claws Animal Clinic in Columbia, and a New York City-based rescue group, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, agreed to foot the bill for the pup and then adopt him out to a good home when he’s recovered.

Meanwhile, also at the vet, a four-year-old border collie named Simon, who was recovering from his own abuse, spotted Sammie recovering from surgery and decided to make a pawsitive impact on him by offering some comfort while he was on the operating table.

It’s unclear what happened to Simon, but much of his fur is missing, showing the tender pink skin underneath, probably from mange.

Since then, Simon won’t leave Sammie’s side, according to The Dodo. The two have been pictured communing inside of Sammie’s cage and nuzzling each other.

Because the person who dropped Sammie off at the shelter claimed not to be his owner – but yet knew his entire story – there will not be an investigation, says Hendrick & Co., which sells animal rescue-themed apparel and accessories to help rescue groups.


Something tells me these two are going to be put up for adoption as a pair. Here’s wishing them both a speedy recovery.

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