Moonbats Go to Extravagant Trouble and Expense to Liberate a Lobster

Here is a story guaranteed to bring sentimental tears to the eyes of any moonbat:

Christine Loughead was in her local grocery store in the northwestern Ontario town of Red Lake when she spotted it in a tank. The lobster was alive, destined for someone’s dinner plate.

“It weighed on my psyche more and more,” said the long-time vegetarian-turned-vegan.

“There’s this live being who — it’s not too late to help. He’s alive.”

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She bought the lobster for $20.23, brought it home and wondered what to do next. After some Googling, she realized the lobster most likely came from Nova Scotia, and thought it would be better to return it to the ocean than to keep it in a tank.

Loghead linked up through Fakebook with a fellow vegan in Nova Scotia named Beth Kent who agreed to put the crustacean in the ocean. But first she had to get it out there…

Loughead then drove six hours from her home to the UPS store in Winnipeg, which ships live animals. She spent $225 to send the lobster all the way to Halifax, where Kent picked it up. …

The lobster was packed in a Styrofoam box with cold packs and wet newspaper. Kent said she was relieved to see it was still alive and moving after the 24-hour journey.

But the lobster was not out of the woods quite yet.

She drove the lobster to a spot she thought would be a good place to release it into the ocean, but changed her mind when she saw a fishing boat on the horizon.

Kent then found a small cove where she thought the lobster would have better chances and put it in the water.

The lobster was free at last! Now it could achieve its full potential as an invertebrate with a brain the same size as a grasshopper’s.

The only way the story could tug harder on moonbat heartstrings would be if Loghead and Bent took advantage of Canada’s progressive homosexual marriage laws, and then adopted the lobster as their child.

I wonder if those ads claiming that your donation can feed a child for 50¢ a day have any merit. If so, Loghead could have fed some starving kid for well over a year for less money and trouble. But humans aren’t as oppressed as lobsters, so she would get fewer P.C. Brownie points.

Be free, little lobster! Be free!

On a tip from Steve T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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