Pet owner claims dog died from chewing on this TRENDY smoke device

Pet owner claims dog died from chewing on this TRENDY smoke device

I have no doubt that e-cigarettes are not healthy and are a hazard. This woman says her dog died eight months after biting on a discarded one. Another man claims his dog foamed at the mouth, vomited and then died 11 hours after biting on one. But in my world this doesn’t call for more regulation or laws. If you are an adult and you know the risks, either don’t use them or don’t leave them where pets and children can get to them. Do you know how many things would have to be banned if you forbade everything that was toxic or harmful? That’s ridiculous. This comes back to being responsible. I don’t see them banning cigarettes which cause harm as well, and hell… these same people are all for legalizing drugs. Don’t leave something hazardous around that can be gotten to by your pup.


From the Daily Mail:

An animal lover has claimed that an e-cigarette killed her dog after it chomped on the discarded electronic device in her home.

Devastated Miffany Haynes watched her Staffordshire Bull terrier Leonardo collapse after ingesting the dangerous toxins in the e-cigarette, used by millions of Britons to ease themselves into giving up smoking.

Leonardo was taken to the vet but after eight months of treatment he sadly passed away. Ms Hayes is now striving to raise awareness about the dangers the devices threaten to dogs.

E-cigarettes are said to explode and have toxic contents. I’ve seen all kinds of articles where people were hurt from them. So, why would you just leave one lying around? I don’t get it. It bothers me that the device is solely being blamed here and the people whose pets died are taking no personal responsibility. It’s like leaving poison around the house and then being shocked when your pet gets into it and dies a horrible death. Then blaming the poison instead of yourself for being so irresponsible. This is what our culture is manufacturing… individuals who are never to blame. Here’s a tip… the responsibility lies with each of us. You can blame e-cigarettes all you want, but it was your carelessness that resulted in the incident. Man up.

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