This Is Proof That God Loves Us

This Is Proof That God Loves Us

Ben Franklin said “Beer is proof that GOD loves us.”

And while I agree that the magic of hops and barley are a wondrous thing, I strongly feel that it is our four legged friends that provide the proof of the divine love that GOD holds for mankind.

Jaz McKay's Dog

Dogs are all the proof we need that GOD loves us. Our dogs are the simplest message we receive about the love of GOD.

GOD blessed us with our wet nosed, furry faced friends to bring us not just love but unconditional love. Just like the love HE has for us.

Much like the LORD they stand by us and support us and love us regardless of the dumb moves we may make along the pathway. They unconditionally remain loyal even when we stumble and fall. This is the message that God sends to us through our dogs.

Dogs truly are gift from GOD.

We may make mistakes, and do stupid things in life but our FATHER the LORD will always be right there beside us. HIS Love knows no bounds. Just like our dogs love.

The other day I saw a homeless man. He was sitting next to a Rite Aid store. He had the same old shopping cart filled with trash bags and other crap you always see, dirty, smelly and disgusting. Naturally I got to thinking how someone could have gotten to this point, but then I noticed something else. Sitting next to him was a dog. Not anything special just a mutt. A mix of a boxer and a lab I guess but it was hard to tell.

Unlike some homeless gents he wasn’t asking for money, he just seemed to be resting on his journey, but you could just tell how much his dog loved him. No leash, no chain, no rope. The dog was just sitting there next to him, totally devoted to this homeless man.

The man was rubbing the dogs head, scratching him and baby talking to him. I could see the love in the dog’s eyes as he was transfixed on the man. And the actions of the homeless man showed love to his furry faced friend.

I didn’t say anything to him as he didn’t say anything to me and usually one doesn’t speak to “these people” except to tell them you don’t have any spare change.

I went into the store and got my prescriptions and a few other things and before I left I bought a bag of beef jerky thinking of the man and his dog.

However when I walked out the door the homeless man and his dog were gone. I looked around and it was like they had just vanished. Gone with the wind I guess.

But it got me to thinking about dogs.

They will love us no matter what. They will walk with us no mater where we go or how long the treck. They will remain loyal and devoted to us regardless of our frailties and foibles. They will stand with us through all that life dishes out to us. They will love us unconditionally. They will always be at our side.

When we go to work and leave them at home they may not be happy with us and they may chew up our sneakers but what do they do the moment we walk in the door? They forgive us and show they love us.

I’ve even heard of dogs that were abused yet still love their owners. Maybe a bit shy or reserved but still show love and loyalty in many ways. Because that’s all a dog really requests from us is love. And all GOD asks is for love. That and faith.

And if the dog that feels ignored, abused, uninvolved or unloved still shows his love for his owner what is that but faith?

There’s a reason they are called DOG.

After all it is GOD spelled backward.

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