This May Be The World’s Creepiest Wine

This May Be The World’s Creepiest Wine

You would think this wine would be more of a Halloween decoration than something you’d actually drink, but the seller claims they have a “medicinal purpose.”


From Metro:

The photos were first uploaded onto the micro-blogging website Weibo on Wednesday, showing various dead owls staring blank-eyed out of containers of liquor.

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According to local media, the seller claimed the 5kg jars of ‘owl wine’ had a medicinal purpose and could help cure headaches and joint pain.

‘The owls are all soaked alive,’ he told a reporter. ‘They are submerged inside and choke on the alcohol. That way they are infused inside and out, making the medicine more effective.’

The photos went viral immediately, with many people calling for the seller – identified only as ‘Li’ – to be severely punished.

Snake wine is often used in Traditional Chinese medicine, with users claiming the beverage contains medicinal qualities that can cure bad eyesight, hair loss and enhance sexual performance.

I understand that different cultures have different… “methods” of doing things, but drowning owls in alcohol in the name of “medicine”? That’s not nice OR sanitary!

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