UNBELIEVABLE: Man Jumps Naked Into Lion Cage With Tragic Results

UNBELIEVABLE: Man Jumps Naked Into Lion Cage With Tragic Results

A man jumped into a Chilean zoo’s lion enclosure, stripped his clothes off and waltzed over to the lions naked in hopes to be eaten alive. Zoo workers rushed to tranquilize the lions, but accidentally hit the naked man.

The workers were forced to shoot two of the lions in order to save the man. The naked tranquilized man survived the lion attack, but the zoo lost two lions in the process.

man in lion cage

From The Sun:

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Witness reported he shouted religious statements as he was mauled.

“Everyone started screaming when they saw him,” a man told news channel Chilevision.

Another said: “There were a lot of children there, and parents covered their eyes while it was going on.

“He was screaming religious things.”

I’m at a loss of words here because I’m an animal lover and I don’t believe in saving a man who is clearly insane and will probably do this again later in life. If the man wants to go out on his own, then let him. Why do we punish and murder two lions who are already serving a life sentence in a zoo? This is like being forced to live in a tiny house, then getting shot when someone breaks in.

I’d rather keep the lions. This man is a nutcase who will probably jump in front of a train in a few weeks. Let him go.

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