[VIDEO] Man JAILED for 9 Days for Feeding Stray Cats

[VIDEO] Man JAILED for 9 Days for Feeding Stray Cats

Another amazing story of the American justice system at work. I guess the criminal justice system had nothing better to do in the great state of Texas. You won’t believe what David Parton had to deal with for feeding stray cats:


A 76-year-old man in Texas recently spent nine days in jail for feeding nine strays that are said to have nine lives.

David Parton of Gainesville has been giving stray cats food for almost a decade because God told him to ‘keep feeding them’.

He was arrested earlier this month after racking up $900 in fines and opted to spend nine days behind bars instead of paying.

Parton was breaking a city law that makes it illegal to ‘make convenient food or containers of food on any property or city street in the City of Gainesville for the purpose of feeding stray animals’.

He had previously been cited before for failure to vaccinate cats, the Gainesville Daily Register reported.

The feline fan said he hasn’t seen the cats he was feeding since he was released from the Cooke County Justice Center and he fears they may be in trouble.

Parton claimed he wouldn’t have paid the fines if he ‘had a million dollars’, CBS Dallas reported.

He said: ‘God told me to keep feeding them and leave the consequences to him.

‘I told them I’d sit it out in jail.

‘I did, that’s why I went to jail, I wouldn’t pay the fine.

‘That law is not right.’

This is yet another case of ridiculousness. Why does anyone think that this is an appropriate law or punishment for the crime? America needs to spend more time on the real criminals and not waste tax dollars locking up our senior citizens.

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