Scaramucci Tags Priebus In Tweet On Leaks Then Denies Threatening Him With FBI Investigation [VIDEO]

Scaramucci Tags Priebus In Tweet On Leaks Then Denies Threatening Him With FBI Investigation [VIDEO]

Late last night, White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci sent out a tweet that is now getting a lot of attention. He released his financial disclosure form to the GAO. Not long after that, Politico got a hold of it and aired it. Scaramucci’s tweet blasted the leak of the information, but what got the attention of Axios was Reince Preibus being tagged on the tweet. Not long after that, the tweet was deleted and Scaramucci seemed to try and clarify what he meant. It was being spun by the media that he was accusing Priebus of the leak and then threatening him with an FBI investigation. Anthony says that’s not true.

This morning on CNN, contributor Ryan Lizza called into Cuomo’s show to discuss the tweet. Scaramucci then called in during that call to contest what was being leveled at him. It was a heck of a thirty-minute confrontation. Scaramucci says that he and President Trump know who the leakers are and are taking the necessary steps against them to stop all this nonsense. Then he solidly came to President Trump’s defense: “It’s absolutely completely and totally reprehensible. As you know from the Italian expression, the fish stinks from the head down, but I can tell you two fish that don’t stink, and that’s me and the president. I don’t like the activity going on in the White House. I don’t like what they’re doing to my friend.”

From Mediaite:

White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci called into CNN New Day on Thursday, which led to a wild, 30 minute marathon of an interview between himself and Chris Cuomo.

The segment began when network contributor Ryan Lizza called in to discuss how Scaramucci deleted a tweet where he appeared to accuse White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus of being a leaker. Lizza was discussing his reporting about how Scaramucci wants the FBI to investigate Priebus, but Cuomo interrupted him in order to take a call from Scaramucci live.

Scaramucci began by monologuing about how he and President Trump have figured out who has been leaking information from the White House, and their legal teams are taking steps against them. As Scaramucci railed against “reprehensible,” “treasonous” actions of leakers, he also complained about the public disclosure process by which his financial forms became available to the press.

Personally, I think this should have been handled much more quietly and it makes you wonder if Priebus’ head is on the chopping block. Scaramucci compares their relationship to Cain and Abel. I think we all know how that turned out… one brother kills the other. He did say their relationship was rough and that it’s unfair to call him a back stabber. He’s more of a front stabber. He also said that his now-deleted tweet to make a point about how it’s Priebus’ responsibility to help him uncover the people leaking the White House’s information.

In the end, Scaramucci seemed to contradict himself on Priebus, so I’m not sure what is going on here. He said this: “When the journalists who know who the leakers are like Ryan Lizza, these guys know who the leakers are. Jonathan Swan at Axios, these guys know who the leakers are. I respect him for not telling me because I understand journalistic integrity. However, when I put out a tweet, I put Reince’s name in a tweet, they make the assumption it’s him because journalists know who the leakers are. So, if Reince wants to explain he’s not a leaker, let him tell you about himself.” That sounds a very close to an accusation to me.

All I know for sure is things are getting even livelier at the White House these days and the rumors are really ratcheting up. The good news this morning is that Rex Tillerson says he’s not going anywhere. Makes you wonder what will happen next.

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