100 Days Left Till General Election

It’s crunch time….once the summer is really over

(Washington Post) There are 100 days left in what, at times, has seemed like an endless presidential election. And these are the bewildered sounds of the Undecided American, trying to decide.

“I know Obama says he has put people back to work, and I don’t dispute that,” Pam Nickel said at an outdoor shopping mall in Perrysburg, Ohio, on Tuesday. Underemployment is a big issue for her, though. “I don’t know that the last four years will sway me as much as what happens in the next few months,” she said.

That’s probably the best quote in the whole article. There’s quite a bit of mentions in the article about 90% having already determined their choice for president. But, anything can happen in the last 100 days. In 2008, John McCain had the Bush 2004 states locked up and was competitive in quite a few Kerry 2004 states, even leading in some. Then, he pulled his “I’m suspending my campaign” foolishness, and his campaign fell off the cliff.

The conversations with voters also show how little the daily media circus of gaffes and campaign ads and surrogate attacks actually moves its intended targets. After months of heavy advertising by Romney, many voters knew only that he is Mormon, rich and not Obama.

Which is why the Bain attacks on Romney aren’t working. Really, a good chunk of the country isn’t paying all that much attention, and won’t till we get deep into August, more likely into September.

This weekend, the Obama campaign kicks off the last 100 days of campaigning with 4,600 small events around the country, including Olympics-watching parties, house parties and “Barbecues for Barack.”

The cult of personality is in effect to re-elect Chairman Obama.

The rest of the article is quotes from people in several swing states. Unfortunately, pages 4-5 seem devoid of content. There is no real ending. What it will come down to are the last few months, and what happens. What happens with the economy? Is there a big world event? And let’s not forget the debates, which could be huge. Obama has the advantage of being a sitting president, but, he rarely steps out of his little bubble and debates. He prefers giving pronouncements from the summit. Romney, on the other hand, has spent well over a year debating, and should be ready for anything the Obama perpetual campaign throws at him. Time will tell.

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