20 Other Historic B+’s Like Obama’s

As you may have heard, after one of the most disastrous first years of a presidency in the entire history of the United States, Barack Obama has evaluated his own performance and given himself a “good solid B-plus.” If the last year has been a B+, then what would a “C” entail? An asteroid destroying the Eastern seaboard? An alien attack? People eating each other to stay alive?

In any case, after hearing about Obama’s generous grading curve, the folks on Twitter had some other great events that also deserved B+’s. Enjoy!

Grade for Napoleon at Waterloo? B+ — johnhawkinsrwn

The French army’s performance against the Nazis? B+ — johnhawkinsrwn

Ted Kennedy’s driving at Chappaquiddick? B+ — johnhawkinsrwn

Crap sandwich with arugula? B+ — johnhawkinsrwn

Death Star’s thermal exhaust port engineering team? About an 87 out of 100, I’d say. — AceofSpadesHQ

“By George, I do believe we really gave a B+ effort out there, don’t you think?” – General Cornwallis (jacoblarger)

The theory that fire can’t melt steel earns a solid B+ — JennQPublic

Custer’s battle plan at the Little Big Horn? B+ — mcassill

Bernie Madoff not a perfect investor, but a solid B+ — RayburnThompson

Jimmy Carter’s attempt to rescue American hostages in Iran? B+ — teh_Dede

Chernobyl? B+ — mcassill

Darth Vader rated his relationship with his children a B+ — IMAO_

Charles Rangel’s tax returns B+ — gpollowitz

Thunderdome: Two men enter. One man leaves. For the other, B+ — AceofSpadesHQ

Cheney’s aim with a shotgun? A+++. Cheney’s ability to distinguish quail from human heads? Not quite as good; B+. — AceofSpadesHQ

Landing of the Hindenburg is a good, solid B+. A- if it were on time. — IMAO_

Titanic’s maiden cruise? Good, solid B+. — AceofSpadesHQ

Hitler’s invasion of Russia was a solid B+ — mrjc1

“I gave my marriage a solid B+ effort” -Tiger Woods — jacoblarger

New Coke. A good solid B+ — BiasedGirl

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