7 Of The Most COSTLY Tax Payer Funded Vacations Taken By The Obamas!

7 Of The Most COSTLY Tax Payer Funded Vacations Taken By The Obamas!

These numbers are just OUTRAGEOUS!

And it’s paid exclusively by the taxpayer. YOU!


1. Obama’s L.A. fundraising trip — Almost $2 million ($1,980,835) was spent on air travel when the president took a trip to California “solely to raise money for the Democratic National Committee and to show his support for fellow Democrats nationwide,”…So, thank you conservatives for funding his trip with your taxes.

2. Obama’s golf outing to Palm Springs — The arduous five-hour flight to Palm Springs, where Obama hit the links at the Sunnylands Country Club, cost taxpayers $1,031,685.

3. First family’s 17-day vacation to Honolulu — According to one news outlet, “The flights to and from Honolulu for the December 2013-January 2014 Christmas vacation totaled to about $7,781,361.30.”

4. First family trip to Ireland — President Obama’s June 2013 trip to Belfast, Ireland, also included a Dublin sightseeing offshoot by Michelle and the kids, as well as her large entourage. The total cost the taxpayers? Drum roll please….$7,921,638!

5. Obama’s 2013 fundraising trip to L.A. — Obama flew out to L.A. to meet with a big time fundraiser – the CEO of DreamWorks, Jeff Katzenberg. The total cost of the airfare alone? $2,145,907.

6. First family’s trip to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania — The Washington Post did some digging and discovered that the Obama family’s trip to Africa likely cost the government between $60 million and $100 million. But don’t worry folks, the President mixed pleasure with government work. After The Post asked about the outrageous expenses, the White House canceled plans for the first family’s Tanzanian safari.

7. First family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard — The round trip flight for the Obama family cost the taxpayers a pretty penny, about $1,164,268…

Your hard earned tax money being put to good use…at least for the Obamas.

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