A Short, Obligatory Post On Obama’s Speech

Obama’s speech today wasn’t serious. He didn’t present a plan for deficit reduction today; he presented a plan to have a plan while attacking the people who do have a plan.

In the end, it was more of the same old, same old. Raise taxes on the rich? Check. Demonize Republicans as wanting to starve old people and puppies? Check. Cut defense spending while we have 3 wars, one of which he started, going on? Check. Play numbers games to claim that programs like Obamacare, that will dramatically increase the deficit, actually reduce spending? Check. Do anything of significance to get Medicare or Social Security under control? Nope.

In other words, Obama admits we have a deficit crisis and he knows it looks terrible for the Republicans to be the only ones who want to cut anything while Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to keep spending as high as possible. So, he’s hoping he can do a speech, the mainstream media will cover for him by treating it seriously, and he’ll be able to fool some people into thinking he wants to reduce the deficit. That may have worked during the 2008 campaign, but now that he’s proven to be the most wasteful spender in the history of the United States during his time in office, it’s going to be a lot harder to fool people this time around.

PS: I’m not against cutting wasteful programs from the defense budget. To the contrary, I’m for it. But, I can’t help but notice that the only things Democrats EVER seem to want to cut are money for defense and intelligence, which are the two single most important and legitimate functions of the federal government.

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PS #2: Obama actually suggested setting up AUTOMATIC tax increases. Let me repeat that: Automatic tax increases. No chance, libs. If you want higher taxes, you’re going to have to vote on it, every single time.

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