This video is so ridiculously funny, it should be a movie. But it’s real. Still, life is funny. And I’d be laughing harder if my taxes weren’t paying this woman’s salary.

More at The Anchoress.

Has Charlie Gibson reported on this yet? Ed Morrissey examines why not:

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All that being said, the ACORN story is not just a Kanye West celebrity dust-up. It involves tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, and potentially billions in upcoming legislation. ACORN has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Democratic Party in the last election cycle and beyond, helping to organize in communities on behalf of Obama’s domestic policy agenda. It’s a story worthy of national coverage, and leaving it to the cable news outlets may explain why people don’t bother to tune into the broadcast networks any longer to get informed.

Let’s pose the question this way. If the Federalist Society, which got a heaping helping of demonization during the John Roberts and Samuel Alito confirmation hearings, started giving advice to prospective pimps and hookers on tax evasion and hiding child-prostitution rings, does anyone think that the Charlie Gibsons and the Papers of Record in the US would let that slide to the cable networks? Or would it headline their outlets, complete with a dissection of Federalist Society support for Republicans?

And now, Michelle Malkin reports that a group of robbers posed as Obama health care workers to gain entry to a home. They robbed, pistol-whipped and shot the people. Nice.

Have you heard about these stories? No? Hmmm….

Anyway, the video is classic. And the girl posing as a prostitute and the guy as pimp are like caricatures out of a movie. It’s so ridiculous, it’s crazy. I don’t know if the ACORN worker actually murdered her husband, but all this publicity can’t be good for ACORN.

The Anchoress is saying that Google and the Obama website has been scrubbed. This is probably the most concerning to me. The Google part. When the government has such cozy ties to a company that the company will do a political operative’s business, one wonders what they’ll do to work against a candidate they don’t like.

What a mess. A hot mess.


Ed Morrissey reports that the ex-husband is alive after all. He just wishes he was dead. [I made up the last part.]

Updated again:

Gateway Pundit has the Jon Stewart clip from last night making fun of the Media for not getting the story. But Jon is missing the point. The Media don’t WANT to get the story. They are HELPING the president anyway they can.

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