ALERT: Obama Makes Terrifying Move Against Guns

If you thought Obama was just going to leave office with grace and dignity, instead of throwing a tantrum like a child, well I have news for you…


From Western Journalism:

As the last year of his last term winds down, President Obama is about to take one more stab at curtailing the Second Amendment with yet another push to force so-called “smart gun” technology on the firearms industry — a plan even police officers stand against.

Obama has failed to limit the Second Amendment like he had hoped to do when he came into office, but that isn’t for lack of trying. With his presidency coming to an end, he is once again trying to force the nation’s law enforcement community to set aside their proven, usable firearms and instead begin using problematic “smart gun” technology.

The technology would allow guns to only be fired by authorized users.

The president is urging federal and local policing agencies to purchase so-called “smart guns” despite the face there is no current technology reliable enough for law enforcement use.

And police say they don’t want to be Obama’s guinea pigs.

Already sick and tired of how badly the administration has treated them with years of backbiting since the Ferguson riots, the nation’s law enforcement community (both federal and local) are not much interested in helping Obama prove the so-far unworkable smart gun technology as a viable option.

One final middle finger to the people on his way out. Classy.

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