All The Rats Seem To Be Deserting The USS Obama

If we ever actually see a USS Barack Obama, it will probably not be an aircraft carrier, but, a destroyer. Starting off, you remember Christopher Buckley and his whining support of Obama pre-election? The Cluebat Of Reality has finally wacked him, as he writes the SOTU that Obama should be giving

A year ago, I inspired the nation to have the audacity to hope that I would change the political culture in Washington. Now, a year later, it turns out I’m another hack politician–from Chicago, where, believe you me, we know a thing or two about hack politics.

I was going to set a new standard. Now I’m just a complicit bystander as Harry bribes, among others, a senator from Nebraska who wants his state to get a free pass on Medicare–in return for his vote on a health-care reform bill that would make the Founders weep, or throw up. Or both.

What a difference a year makes. But I’m pleased to report that before I came up here tonight, I was able to sign a contract with my publisher for a new book. I’m going to call it The Audacity of Oops.

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And then there is Nate Silver, far end progressive at Five Thirty Eight, who states that the White House’s brain has frozen with this silly discretionary spending freeze Obama announced.

Paul Krugman writes that Obama has liquidated himself and the spending freeze is “appalling on every level.”

At Open Left, Paul Rosenburg says It’s Official: Obama’s An Idiot, and quite a few commenters agree.

And, perhaps in the unkindest cut of all,

Indonesian authorities said Monday they are considering a petition to tear down a statue of US President Barack Obama as a boy, only a month after the bronze was unveiled in Jakarta.

Meanwhile, there is a joke in this that I am not touching

President Barack Obama on Wednesday will be the first president to deliver the State of the Union address on a handicap-accessible Speaker’s rostrum.

Unsurprisingly, it took Congress 5 extra months beyond schedule to get the lift to work. And, oh, that news channel Obama and Company demonized? Yeah, most trusted, as well as lowest level of mistrust among all news stations.

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