Allen West OBLITERATES Obama for Refusing to Answer Benghazi Questions

Allen West OBLITERATES Obama for Refusing to Answer Benghazi Questions

Are we governed or are we ruled? This is the question on the minds of many as the stand-off between the White House and the Benghazi House select committee continues. This stand-off is over whether or not Obama should have to answer certain questions about Benghazi or not. First, if that’s not a sign of guilt, I don’t know what is. Second, Obama once again thinks he is above the law…ruling over us. Sickening…


From Allen West:

That has once again raised its ugly head from the highest office of this land. As reported by POLITICO, “The White House and the House Select Committee on Benghazi are at a standoff over whether President Barack Obama should answer a series of questions about the 2012 terrorist attack in Libya that left four Americans dead.

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Neil Eggleston, counsel to the president, blasted the committee for sending the president a list of questions about the attack — an inquiry the administration deemed inappropriate and a partisan attempt to frame the White House as uncooperative.

Eggleston has encouraged Obama not to answer the committee’s questions “because of the implications of his response on the constitutional separation of powers,” according to a letter sent Saturday to Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) and obtained by POLITICO. “If the president were to answer your questions, his response would suggest that Congress has the unilateral power to demand answers from the president about his official acts,” the letter reads.

Eggleston also accused the panel of asking questions it already knew the answer to — something the committee denies. And Gowdy’s panel criticized the White House’s response as unhelpful to its investigation.

Committee members have been trying to answer several unresolved questions before releasing their final report in the coming weeks. “It’s no surprise President Obama would rather take questions from Derek Jeter than answer questions for the American people about the Benghazi terrorist attacks, which followed what he himself has called his worst mistake — failing to plan for what happened after the State Department pushed U.S. intervention in Libya,” said committee spokesman Jamal Ware, referring to Obama’s chat a few days ago with the former New York Yankee.

“The White House’s fictional narrative today is the latest chapter of the story it has been spinning since 2012, when four of our fellow citizens were murdered by Al-Qaida-linked terrorists in the tragic terrorist attacks in Benghazi.”

Here’s the thing. People are starting to give up, why? Well, because nothing has happened, they haven’t seen results, or Hillary being brought to justice, nor Obama being held responsible for his refusal to support his own people. We can’t do that. We can’t throw our hands up in the air and just say… well nothing has happened and nothing is ever going to happen, so forget it. The problem with that, is that is the ONLY way for nothing ever to happen and they know that…which means if people give up on trying to bring justice to life for those 4 lost heroes of Benghazi, then Hillary and Obama have gotten exactly the results they were going for.

Never let up, keep the pressure on, he will probably be out of office by the time he is held to task… but so what, he is a lame duck right now any way…keep pushing if you want justice to prevail and karma to strike back.

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