Analysis Of Obama’s Speech: This Was His Jump The Shark Moment

Analysis Of Obama’s Speech: This Was His Jump The Shark Moment

Obama is still suffering from the Speech Illusion, the idea that he can come down from the mountain, read from a Teleprompter, cast a magic spell with his words and climb back up the mountain, while we scurry around and do what he proclaimed. — Maureen Dowd

This speech was classic Obama….which is exactly the problem. This is a man whose response to every issue is a speech. Now, here we are, almost 3 years into his presidency, the economy is in the toilet, everyone’s talking about jobs and his response is….a speech. But not just any speech, oh no. He built this one up. He talked about it for weeks. He considered it so important, that he needed Congress to be in session for it. There was even a big fight over Obama trying to step on the GOP debate because his speech was ever so much more important.

In other words, there was a huge build-up and…well, nothing. There was no actual “plan” involved that could be scored by the CBO or analyzed in writing. It was just the same old tired schlock Obama has been saying for two years. It sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher up there: Wah wah wah, jobs, Wah wah wah, build bridges, Wah wah wah, spend more money, Wah wah wah, we’ll pay for it one day, I swear, Wah wah wah, I reject the idea that we have to choose between having jobs or being stabbed in the eyes by scissors, wah, wah, wah!

There is nobody who was skeptical about Obama who was turned around by that speech, nobody who already likes him who’s going to be excited about it, and most importantly, the other people, the ones who really haven’t made up their minds, have to be rolling their eyes after being subjected to that non-serious campaign speech at this point. Those are the people who are probably going to give up on him now and that was why this was his jump the shark moment.

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