And Now Obama Tells Cops They’re Scapegoats For Race And Gun Problems

Well, he ought to know since he’s one of the chief people causing that problem…

President Barack Obama acknowledged today before a conference of police chiefs that law enforcement officers are being blamed for problems with the penal code that are outside their control.

‘Too often law enforcement gets scapegoated for the broader failures of our society and the criminal justice system,’ he said, contending the country needs to ‘go after racial disparities at the root.’

Obama said that means investing in pre-k education and summer jobs for teens. Such programs, he said, would cost a ‘fraction; of how much the government spends locking people up for 15 years.

The president said racial bias is real and exists in every institution and the concerns within the Latino and African-American community about racial injustices in the application of justice cannot be ‘brushed aside.’

At the same time, he said, residents of dangerous communities need to give police officers the ‘benefit of the doubt.’

He deliberately did not mention the Black Lives Matter group in his remarks at all.

This bit of shameless pandering took place at the International Association of Chiefs of Police at the conference in Chicago yesterday, showing that Obama’s statements can vary depending on his audience.

The Independent Sentinel eviscerated this drivel, with extreme prejudice, earlier today.

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