Army Generals Blast Obama for Weak Attacks on ISIS Which Do No Damage

Army Generals Blast Obama for Weak Attacks on ISIS Which Do No Damage

Our lack of response to ISIS is an international embarrassment, thanks to our useless president. And even top Army generals are blasting him for it.

A French fighter jet is seen on the runway at an undisclosed location, in this picture released by the ECPAD

Vladimir Putin has ordered his warships to co-operate with the French military as both countries launched revenge attacks on ISIS targets in Syria.

Russia has hit the ISIS ‘capital’ Raqqa with cruise missiles – just hours after saying the passenger jet brought down in Egypt had been bombed.

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The strikes come after it was revealed French jets had pounded targets in the terrorists’ Syrian stronghold, including a command centre and a recruitment base for jihadists.

Now the Russian President wants his missile cruiser Moskva, which is in the Mediterranean Sea, to work with France’s military, who are carrying out more airstrikes over Syria tonight after ISIS claimed responsibility for the Paris terror attacks which killed 129 people and injured 352.

The Egyptian plane crash and the weekend wave of terrorist attacks in Paris have raised Russia’s determination to fight ISIS, although concern remains in the West that its Syria airstrikes are also targeting rebels who are opposed to Syrian President Bashar Assad but not affiliated with radical groups.

Putin said a French aircraft carrier task force is to approach the Moskva soon and the cruiser is to ‘cooperate with them as with allies’.

Russian forces today carried out 34 cruise missile strikes over Raqqa, which is seen as Islamic State’s capital city, Idlib and Aleppo. They also deployed long-range Tu-160, Tu-95 and Tu-22 bombers from Russian bases.

… In remarks in a Russian TV documentary, which was broadcast tonight, Lavrov said that analysis of U.S. attacks on Islamic State militants in Syria over the past year indicates that the attacks are sparing the ISIS units that would pose the most threat to the Syrian army and Assad.

The U.S. wants to see Assad removed from power, but Lavrov said this means that Washington is effectively ‘sitting on two chairs’.

American military generals are also criticizing the country, saying the US has been slow to act and is holding back.

‘Our air campaign in Syria and Iraq has never been what it should be,’ former US Army vice chief of staff Gen. Jack Keane told Fox News.

Keane criticized the US ‘rules of engagements’, which he claimed has let enemies escape because it takes too long to get approval for targets under the restrictions.

The currently imposed rules of engagements, which provide authorization and restrictions on the military’s use of force, are no civilian deaths and to limit collateral damage, according to retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, who called them ‘unrealistic’.

‘Obama believes in this illusion that you can somehow wage clean war,’ he said. ‘But you can’t have a standard of no civilian casualties and expect to win like that. It never has and it never will.’

Obama, as usual, is proving that he has absolutely no business being president of the United States. If he can’t handle waging a real war, then he should never have taken the job as Commander-in-Chief.

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