Ask Not What Obama Can Do for You in His Campaign…

With some degree of certainty, the Obama campaign may adopt this title as a slogan and begin printing t-shirts along with printing money. : I don’t believe he has a problem with either one.

Welcome to the Obama campaign’s audacity of arrogance tour.

One of the founding principles of good leadership is never ask someone to do for you what you’re not willing to do yourself. That doesn’t apply here.

This past week Obama managed his 100th round of golf.:  Last year the New York Post reported Obama wraps up his work day typically around 4pm. : But Obama is asking for his supporters to basically open a vein and give until you just can’t give anymore.

On his campaign website this week, an organizing tip was offered to volunteers, which suggested they needed to “Be Scrappy”.: The example given for “being scrappy” included the instruction if a volunteer has spent the day in a call center, campaigning for the President and the center closes early for the day, they suggest they sit in the parking lot in their cars and make campaign calls from their cell phone.

“They’ve got die-hard determination–and they’re scrappy. We expect it from our organizers every day,” Obama’s campaign website suggests. “It’s that kind of attitude that will get us to 270 on Election Day.”

Also reported this past week, his campaign created the Obama Event Registry.:  He suggests if you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or if you are tying the knot, in lieu of gifts, have your friends and family donate to the great one’s campaign fund instead.

Obama’s Campaign website suggests, “It’s a great way to support the President on your big day. Plus, it’s a gift that we can all appreciate–and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl.” : It’s not exactly a gift I would appreciate.:  Personally, I’d keep the gravy bowl.:  But then again, I’m all for keeping the Constitution as well.

His narcissistic view exempts him from the same standard of everyone doing their “fair share” when it comes to his reelection. Even a recent campaign visit to a New Hampshire town resulted in the town being stuck with an estimated $20,000 – $30,000 dollar bill in overtime to local law enforcement for the event.

The city requested the amount be covered from Obama’s campaign fund. They were given the “run-around” answer that security expenses “are exclusively within the control of the appropriate government officials”.:  Sounds like a “no” to me.

An anonymous donor is offering to pay up to $20,000 dollars to cover the incurred cost. : : The Obama campaign raised $39 million in May alone, but he can’t help a small town in New Hampshire made up of primarily Democrats and his supporters to fit the bill for his visit that benefits him and his bid for reelection?

Also in May, Obama reported donations received from the famed Bain Capital as well a separate company run under the same brand called Bain & Co.:  Although the amount: wasn’t: significant, the Center for Responsive Politics reports “Despite continuing attacks on that connection, Obama continued to dip his hand into the Bain cookie jar as well, taking no less than $450 from Bain Capital and $2901 from Bain & Co.”.

He will happily receive their donations but heavily criticize Mitt Romney for his Bain capital connections all the while the main stream media fails to report the donations.

Obama wants his volunteers to work late, while he takes off early.:  He wants them to give up wedding gifts, but I’m assuming he and Michelle enjoyed gifts from friends and family. He won’t spend his money to help out his supporters with events, but will give $1.5 billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama and his campaign bring an entirely new meaning to the word hypocrisy. : Eventually more and more of his supporters will begin to realize this is a one way relationship and they are getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop. : And: it makes the rest of us realize what it is we are really up against.




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