Barack and Michelle Obama on Permanent Vacation (PHOTOS)

Barack and Michelle Obama on Permanent Vacation (PHOTOS)

The Obama’s are now on day 12 of their post-Presidency vacation and boy are they living it up. The Virgin Islands are host to the former POTUS and his wife and it doesn’t look like they’re ever coming back.

Somebody better text Sasha and Malia.


The Obamas were spotted holding hands and dressed in thong sandals, hats and shorts. They look ready to hit the beaches hard!

Honestly, I’m glad they’re enjoying themselves. It’s not like they could really enjoy their numerous vacations knowing they had to get back to actually being leaders at some point. Now they can kick back, pick up a beer if they’re so inclined and relax knowing that Trump is going to make America great again, even for them.

While Trump gets to work helping their hometown of Chicago, they’re just going to take it easy. You know, 8 years of vacations and time on the golf course is hard work.

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