Barack and Michelle Obama Seen Doing THIS Days After Wiretapping Claims… [PHOTOS]

Barack and Michelle Obama Seen Doing THIS Days After Wiretapping Claims… [PHOTOS]

Notice how even foreign media fawn over the Obamas. They talk about Barack Obama looking so relaxed, having a great time in the Virgin Islands and shopping. How Obama was treated like a rock star in New York. All of this to make it look like Obama is telling the truth about not having anything to do with surveillance on President Trump. Hogwash. Mark Levin and Andrew McCarthy both have made solid cases with proof that Obama did just that. I think I’ll listen to them, thank you very much.

As for Ben Rhodes claiming that a president cannot order a wire tap, that is an outright lie. Per LawNewz:

Would President Obama have to sign off on this FISA warrant as Trump implies?

No, not necessarily. Under the law, the warrant application needs to be signed off by the Attorney General. So based on the timing of these applications if the reports are true, it is likely that Loretta Lynch knew about them and approved them.

“The President can technically request the warrant but it still has to go through the process. Obama couldn’t authorize it on his own. The AG still has to sign off and the FISA judge still has to authorize the warrant,” Moss explained.

Trump is right that if the warrant involved four of his aides, some of his communications may have been intercepted too, and perhaps what happened warrants further investigation.

“If somehow several people in DOJ all got together and were asked to fabricate evidence to present to the FISA judge that would be illegal,” Moss explained. “But so far that is not what we are hearing happened.”

Turley further adds, “There is provisions stating that a U.S. person cannot be surveilled ‘solely upon the basis of activities protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.’ Thus, if Trump aides were targeted for political reasons, the surveillance would be unlawful even under the dubious protections of FISA.”

So, you see how the lies are coming out of Obama’s surrogate’s pie holes. Ben Rhodes office is ground zero for leaks, I would wager.


From The Telegraph:

Barack and Michelle Obama have been seen out for the first time since Donald Trump’s controversial wire-tapping claims made international headlines.

The two smiled for the cameras as the exited the National Gallery of Art in Washington on Sunday, seeming at ease amid the row over whether the former President abused his powers to enact a “Watergate-level scandal” in a bid to topple Trump.

Donald Trump is yet to offer any evidence of whether the wire-tapping took place, and Obama’s intelligence chief has denied any such activity took place.

“Neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false,” Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis said in a statement.

Ben Rhodes, Mr Obama’s former national security adviser, strongly denied the allegations.

Mr Rhodes, addressing his comments to Mr Trump, said : “No president can order a wiretap. Those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you.”

Barack and Michelle Obama are smiling and waving for the cameras. You know why? Because they think they will get away with this, just as they did with what they did to James Rosen of Fox News in 2013. Just as they did with surveillance of AP reporters and the Senate as well. They think they are untouchable. I pray that is not true and that Congress takes this seriously and gets to the bottom of it fast.

The media keeps claiming that Trump has offered no evidence that backs up his claims. He doesn’t have to. That is for Congress to uncover. But Mark Levin has laid out the evidence in several ways. You can see and watch it here and here. As for Loretta Lynch, who is hip deep in all this, she is calling for death and blood in the streets. This whole mess deserves hearings and everything needs to be made public one way or another. The Obama’s can party, shop and vacation all they want… but their seditious activities must be exposed.


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