Barack Obama Begins MASSIVE Move Against Trump

Barack Obama Begins MASSIVE Move Against Trump


Obviously, President Barack Obama is not a huge fan of newly inaugurated President Donald Trump. The relationship has been tenuous to say the least since Donald Trump was elected to be the Republican Nominee in 2016. He campaigned heavily for his former opponent, Hillary Clinton.

After Donald Trump became the President-Elect, President Obama gave a stirring speech about the importance of a smooth transition and a supportive team. Many believed that the support would not last long and it seems that has proven correct.

With the recent ban on visas from seven countries, protests have broken out across the nation. And Barack Obama has officially broken his silence.

According to Politico, Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis issued a statement Monday saying that the former president was pleased about the demonstrations going on at airports and in communities across the country against President Trump’s temporary restrictions on immigration and travel from seven countries with histories of terrorism.

Lewis said Obama “is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country.”

No one is particularly surprised by Obama’s decision to break his silence. But is it out of line and tactless?


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