Barack Obama Speechifying Fail: Dan Riehl And John Hawkins Discuss The President’s Speech & The Republicans

Was the President’s address a win? In the short term, just like Bill Clinton, yes. Did Bill Clinton get health care reform passed? Don’t think so. The speech, like most Obama soliloquies was rife with Strawmen. Neo Neocon knocks ’em down.

Do Americans want a mandate to get insurance? We’ll see.

Was Joe Wilson right calling the President a “liar” over illegal aliens will be covered? Yes he was. That is, illegal aliens will most certainly be covered under this plan. That wasn’t the only set of lies. There were many. And, surprise! The AP has a list.

So, the blogger round-table and I talk about all this and what it means. Will health care legislation pass? Prediction: Yes, but it will not be a law that anyone will likes and will make everything worse.


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