Black Man Goes on Viral Rant: LOCK OBAMA UP FOR TREASON [VIDEO]

Black Man Goes on Viral Rant: LOCK OBAMA UP FOR TREASON [VIDEO]

I’m a fan of ET Williams… I like his blunt honesty. And although I do not support Donald Trump, I certainly agree with his sentiments here. I join millions of Americans in anger over Obama bringing in unvetted Islamic refugees and seeding them throughout our country. He’s pushing the Hijrah Migration with everything he has, terraforming the US into an Islamic nation. While, simultaneously trying to erase our borders and put us in the same hot mess as Europe. Treason doesn’t begin to cover it here.

Williams is right… every single damn one of these asshats should be thrown in prison and the key thrown away for all the treasonous crap they have done. Instead they are doubling down, while Obama and Kerry grovel before the Mullahs of Iran. We are so weakened, that the Axis of Evil composed of Russia, China and Iran are circling us salivating.

Black Man


African American ET Williams, also known as The Doctor Of Common Sense, expresses his outrage over Obama bringing 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States.

Williams says this should get everyone in the Obama administration locked up on treasonous charges.

He said when Mr. Trump gets elected, he needs to launch a full investigation. “How does the 10,000 Syrian refugees benefit America?” he asks.

Williams said if someone wants to do missionary work to help the refugees, go over there… don’t bring them here.

10,000 refugees have now been planted in 231 cities across the nation. It’s classic Cloward and Piven. They will finish off an already overburdened broken system. And there are many more on their way in.

Obama made secret deals so Iran can develop nuclear weapons and they have us in their crosshairs. Russia is messing in our elections and attempting to create chaos in our streets. Both Russia and China are already in a cyberwar with us and we don’t seem to realize it yet. Our military is gutted and we can’t seem to fight the enemy from within much less the enemy from without.

I firmly believe that Obama is a Muslim and that this is his way of furthering the caliphate and global elitists. We have fallen into a despotic and apathetic trap where we don’t seem to have the courage or will to stop him. The next president, in my viewpoint, will be even worse and more deadly. It’s in God’s hands… all we can do is fight the fight before us and work to elect the most conservative candidates we can. It’s going to be a very long four years.

Warning: Graphic Language

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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