BREAKING! Obama Administration Just ADMITTED To Funding TERRORISM, Then DARE To Defend Why!?

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The difficult thing in analyzing the Obama administration over the past seven years has been the conundrum of how to account for its aims. After all, if you view Barack Obama as any other American president, who takes his oath of office seriously and is earnestly attempting to serve and protect the national interest and preserve the Constitution, no objective reading can conclude other than that he’s an alarming failure. And worse, that some of the things he and his administration do are so wrongheaded as to be inexplicable.

But if you view Obama, say, the way Dinesh D’Souza views him, as a fundamentally anti-American figure motivated by Third World anti-colonialism and old-school “Blame America First” leftism, or even if you believe that Obama is actively on the opposite side of the American people, as hard as it is to accept that a man who can be elected and re-elected as the leader of a country would be trying to destroy it, sometimes things he does will actually make sense.

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For example, yesterday’s John Kerry and Josh Earnest press conferences about how the billions of dollars in payoffs given to the Iranians in Obama’s catastrophic nuclear deal…

Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that some of the $55 billion in sanctions relief for Iran will likely fund acts of terrorism, and the White House later backed him up on that point.

However, they both defended the Iran nuclear deal on the grounds that it keeps a check on Iran.

CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin asked, “Do you believe that any of that $55 billion ends up in the hands of terrorists?”

Kerry answered that “some of it” will go to the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps, which the U.S. government recognizes as a terrorist group.

“I’m not going to sit here and tell you that every component of that could be prevented, but I can tell you this, right now, we are not seeing the early delivery of funds going to that kind of endeavor at this point in time,” Kerry said. “I’m sure at some point some of it will, but that has never made the difference of what is happening there.”

Kerry added that Iran spends $15 billion on the military, compared to Saudi Arabia, which spends $80 billion per year and the “entire gulf state community spends $130 billion a year on defense.”

Just days after President Barack Obama announced sanctions relief and a settlement of litigation with the government of Iran, the Iranian government announced it would increase spending by 15 percent on the Revolutionary Guard and would double intelligence spending.

“The only observation we’ve made on how they would spend the money is the observation from the secretary of state that it certainly seems possible, if not likely, that they will use some of those funds to support acts of terrorisms,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest added later in the day. “That possibility certainly exists.”

Yeah, no big deal. They’re just going to up their spending on the terrorist army by 15 percent. But what’s 15 percent more terror? Heck, that’s a weekend in Chicago, right?

For a punch line, here is Earnest with some spin you will struggle to see as something other than a brazen insult to your intelligence…

“That is precisely why we have implemented an agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” Earnest said. “As dangerous as their ongoing support for terrorism is, it would be even more dangerous, even catastrophic if Iran had access to a nuclear weapon and they don’t right now because we successfully implemented this agreement to caused them to dismantle their centrifuges, to ship out 98 percent of their enriched uranium stock pile and to agree to a whole set of intrusive inspections that will verify their ongoing compliance with the agreement.”

They’re giving billions of dollars to a country they admit will spend it on terror, and they want credit for bribing a terrorist nation into what is essentially a verbal agreement not to pursue the most terroristic weapon extant on the planet.

Hey, what happens if the Iranians decide to use some of those billions of dollars of our money on buying nukes from North Korea or Pakistan? What happens to that policy then, Secretary Kerry?

As tinfoil hat/black helicopter as it might sound, this stuff all makes a lot more sense if you look at these people as being on the other side of the fight.

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