BREAKING: Obama Hires New “Staff” for Secret Project That Puts Every American in Danger… BE ALERT!

BREAKING: Obama Hires New “Staff” for Secret Project That Puts Every American in Danger… BE ALERT!

Obama;s latest move that endangers the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of EVERY American citizen is nothing short of absolutely sickening. This is frightening and will shock you:


Obama continues to put this country in danger daily. In an attempt to squeeze in as much leftist regulation before he leaves office in 2017, it looks like our commander in chief wants to expand the Justice Department’s pardon office, causing many to suspect he’s about to offer presidential pardons to a new assortment of criminals and put Americans at greater risk.

The Department of Justice recently listed openings for 16 lawyers in its Office of the Pardon Attorney, which organizes petitions for clemency and makes recommendations to the attorney general for them, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

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The job descriptions state the new lawyers will assist “the president in the exercise of executive clemency.”

The move stirred speculation that Obama will work toward an effort to grant presidential pardons to a variety of criminals, specifically drug offenders.

A new clemency initiative has been in the works at the Justice Department for over a year now, and outside organizations predict the measure could free up to 20,000 convicted inmates from federal prisons.

The measure has many government watchdog groups concerned, as it could lead to the release of thousands who are in the country illegally or those convicted of committing major drug offenses.

One congressional source familiar with the move criticized the president for abusing the presidential right to grant pardons.

“This fits perfectly with the administration’s two-term agenda of eroding the rule of law in America,” the source told the Free Beacon. “While the president certainly has the constitutional power to pardon, I shudder thinking about how he plans to use it, given his determination to release dangerous criminals.”

We do, too.

Obama has already worked to lessen the sentences of many prisoners — a pro-criminal move that already put the lives of Americans in danger. He’s also released dozens of dangerous radical Islamic terrorists from the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, some of whom have returned to the battlefield against American interests.

If it is true that he does plan to grant clemency to more prisoners, it simply reaffirms that Obama’s agenda comes before the safety of Americans.

May God have mercy on us all if this begins.

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