BREAKING: Obama Knew Where the US #ISIS Hostages Were Being Held But He Refused to Act (Video)

Obama knew where the hostages were being held – but didn’t do a thing. He just let the two men be beheaded. Four men are on tap to have their heads removed next. He just doesn’t give a crap – in fact, his sympathies lie with our brutal enemies. Obama is an accessory after the fact to these horrific murders. Brazenly, he laughs and jokes… he jets to fundraisers and goes golfing. Obama has the blood of American hostages literally dripping from his hands.

From Gateway Pundit:

New evidence confirms Obama’s delayed response once again cost American lives. Two Americans were beheaded after the Obama administration refused to act.

American journalist James Foley was kidnapped and held for two years. Foley was beheaded by ISIS in August.

** ISIS Is Holding At Least Four More American Hostages.

Obama’s refusal to act resulted in the brutal death of two Americans. The White House knew for several weeks where the US hostages were being held. But Obama failed to act.


Obama went golfing after James Foley was beheaded.

The Obama White House had information on where the hostages were being held but took several weeks to act on that information.

By the time Obama did anything, ISIS had moved the hostages. I truly believe that this is not incompetence. It is sociopathic indifference to the deaths of those that further his agenda. He did the same thing in Benghazi, where it was nothing more than sanctioned murder, lying and covering up his and Clinton’s dirty dealings. ISIS will go on beheading Americans publicly and Obama will go on doing absolutely nothing. He is staying true to his Muslim roots and furthering the Caliphate.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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