Bummer: Obama’s On An Energy Losing Streak

Well, if one’s vision is simply to dump money into a sector that cannot produce a product, and can only lose money at this time, along with pandering on other energy but not actually allowing it, one is going to go on a losing streak

President Barack Obama is racking up an impressive losing streak when it comes to energy.

Under pressure from Republicans, he embraced offshore drilling – just weeks before the BP oil spill. He offered support for nuclear power, only to watch a disaster unfold in Japan. Gas price hikes in the spring disrupted his economic message. Feeling the heat from Republicans again, he infuriated his green base by bailing out on a long-promised ozone standard.

And a real leader would have stated that these were isolated incidents, that Things Happen, and we can work towards minimizing these kinds of events without raising costs and while increasing output. Instead, he simply did what he always does: lead from behind.

And then came Solyndra – the California solar company startup Obama touted as a green jobs success story even as it bled money and ultimately collapsed amid political scandal.

“The guy got dealt a bad hand,” said a top environmental consultant. “But he’s played a bad hand very badly.”

Got “dealt a bad hand”? Welcome to life, pal. The mark of a true leader and great president is how they respond. Obama responds like the complete ideologue and incompetent he is.

It’s an emerging consensus coming from the left and the right: While Obama was once viewed as a victim of things he can’t control – faulty blowout preventers, a tsunami, gas prices, the tea party – critics on both sides of the aisle say his administration has made matters worse.

“If you’ve got an agenda bouncing along with no vision and things happen, you look reactive, and they are,” said Doug Holtz-Eakin, a former economic adviser to John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Oh, he has a vision: it’s just that it is one based on politics, not reality, and the two do not work real well together out in the Real World. Obama thinks that these “green jobs” will stimulate the economy. Yet, unemployment is still above 9%, companies given Stimulus money are dying like baby seals during a cull, and enviroweenies are actually blocking the construction of alternative energy projects. And let’s not forget that the Obama administration is pushing to spend $9.2 billion more on green projects, and is trying to quickly push the loans through before September 30th. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, and another favorite Obama company, Johnson Controls, which he visited last summer, is under investigation in China for possibly causing lead poisoning in children. They make batteries for hybrids. But, in China. So there are jobs. In China. Ones that cause lead poisoning. In China. After being given a $229 million grant from the Stimulus. To make lithium-ion batteries for hybrids. In China.

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