Bummer: Uninsured Not Checking Out Healthcare.fail

At least not at the moment

(Politico) Less than a quarter of uninsured Americans who plan to get health insurance through the Affordable Care Act exchanges have been to an exchange website, a new poll shows.

Asked if they’ve been to any government health insurance website since they were launched on Oct. 1, only 22 percent of the uninsured who said they planned on using the exchanges said yes, according to a Gallup poll out Friday.

Among uninsured Americans in total, the number is less than one in five: Only 18 percent said they have been to any exchange website.

As to those who have been to an Exchange website, one has to wonder how many surfed over on a lark, in order to see the #Fail or something else, with no intention to obtain insurance. I’ve been on 404Care.gov multiple times, but I have insurance. The question from Gallup was very simple

Perhaps some were very concerned over the fact that, at least for healthcare.gov, security measures are pathetic, if not wholly absent. The certification for the website may have been fraudulently signed.

Meanwhile, Politico also notes that the young healthies aren’t signing up, either

Everyone knows that a couple of million young, healthy people will have to sign up for Obamacare to succeed. But there’s one big problem with that: They’ll probably wait until the last minute.

While older and sicker people have good reason to more aggressively try to get covered, the younger, healthier people aren’t likely to exhibit much patience with a balky website. They’re likely to put off the mandatory insurance sign up until much closer to the March 2014 deadline.

The turd of a law rests upon the notion that young healthies will sign up and pay through the nose in order to cover the older and/or unhealthy. Not happening. Liberals like those at the Politico are really, really hoping that they will sign up at the last moment

One recent study by the Commonwealth Fundfound that one in five visitors to the state or federal enrollment sites was aged 19 to 29, and about half were 30 to 49. The Obama administration wants seven million people in the exchanges by the end of March, 2.7 million of them aged 18 to 35.

Team O and their backers are telling people to Not Panic yet, there is still time before the March 31 deadline. On April 1, they’ll probably….Blame Republicans.

BTW, Obama supposedly apologized for people losing their health plans. Not for lying about keeping your plan dozens of times, of course.

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