BUSTED! Obama’s White House Buried Illegal Immigrant Report – FEARED It Would Help Trump… [VIDEO]

BUSTED! Obama’s White House Buried Illegal Immigrant Report – FEARED It Would Help Trump… [VIDEO]

It looks like Barack Obama and DHS are burying an illegal immigration report that was finished last May. Sources are saying that they don’t want the report to come out because it shows how the administration is lying about the border. DHS is claiming they are stopping 80% of the illegal immigrants coming over the border, but the report shows they are only stopping 50%.

I believe that part, but the report is also claiming that the majority of illegal immigrants are being kept out. That’s bull crap and everyone knows it. They are saying that since 2005, illegal entries are down 95%. Does anyone out there believe that horse poop? I sure don’t.

You have to wonder what else is in this report. They are really trying to hide it. Of course they say they’ll release it. I’m sure… the day after the election would be perfect timing. These guys really fear Donald Trump. Maybe they should.


From Fox News:

Federal lawmakers seeking to pinpoint the number of illegal immigrants who successfully sneak across the southern border ordered up a report from the Department of Homeland Security, but the agency refuses to release it and instead cites a misleading statistic that overstates the number who are nabbed, sources told Fox News.

DHS denied it is holding back the report, but sources say it was completed in November and that it shows roughly half of adults who attempt to cross the border make it – approximately 250,000 in total.

But that number is at odds with DHS’ official estimates. The agency claims authorities catch 80 percent of adults trying to sneak in, but critics say the figure is padded to make it appear border security is more effective than it really is.

“The Obama administration knows that the number of illegal aliens successfully getting across the Mexican border is 158 percent higher than they are telling people,” said John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, who assessed the statistics for Fox News. “The administration has made fraudulent changes in the numbers to hide this.”

In other words, they are lying out their behinds. They know that what is contained in that report could swing the election in Trump’s favor. One source familiar with the report told Fox News that DHS is suppressing the report for “political reasons… because it would ‘look bad’ and ‘help elect Donald Trump.” I’m sure it would.

Republican lawmakers are massively ticked off that the report they ordered is not being released. “It erodes the trust as to whether the administration is being honest with the American people about what the threat is,” said Rep. Martha McSally, R-AZ, who serves on the Committee on Homeland Security and chairs the Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee. “This should not be a partisan issue. Democrats, Independents and Republicans in my community want to make sure that border communities are safe.”

It’s really laughable for anyone to think that this administration would be even passably honest about anything. Americans are accustomed to being lied to. The law doesn’t mean squat to our leaders anymore and this once again shows it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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