Can You Spot Just Why This Picture Has People Up In Arms? Look Closer (Photos)

Can You Spot Just Why This Picture Has People Up In Arms? Look Closer (Photos)

They realized Michelle couldn’t care less when she showed up to the Siena Cathedral that dates back to the 12th century in clothes that are more fit for a day on the beach with coronas. A highly sacred place for many, very little respect given.

Classic Obama!

Now however, there are social media users blasting this former First Lady of ours for wearing the shoulderless top to the church in Italy. Both her and her husband were in attendance to visit the cathedral and yet each looked very different from the other. The pair were enjoying their vacation in Italy and of course soaking in all the praise from their adoring fans when they decided they wanted to tour the cathedral.

So, Michelle Obama showed up in a shoulder-baring top with high-waisted beach pants. It’s important to tell you, that it wasn’t just a little shoulder was entire shoulder, back and side. Well, you’ll see for yourself soon enough. You can bet that there were more than a few who deemed the outfit inappropriate.

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“You do NOT go into cathedrals in Italy with all that skin exposed, she should know better,” wrote one commenter.

“She should have some class and cover up…very embarrassing for Americans,” wrote another.

“She was so classy in office. What happened?” asked another commenter.

“So this is what she looks like when she dresses herself. Scary,” commented another.

Of course, their fan club…thought differently.

“She’s traveling the world on beaches and warm climates idiot, what do you think is going to happen,” wrote one commenter. “I can’t wait for my summer bronzing.”

“She is probably enjoying being able to wear whatever she wants and not have to follow dress codes for various events,” wrote another.

Of course the left isn’t known for their “respect” of things sacred, so that’s not surprising much is it?

Well, soon enough the comments started turning into a comparison between First Lady Melania and Former First Lady Michelle Obama.

“This would look better on Melania. Michelle has a great figure, but this top doesn’t suit her at all,” wrote one user.

“She had a great platform, educating people on eating healthy. What is Melania’s again? Marry as rich as you can and avoid him at all cost? A real national treasure,” wrote another.

“Zero education, zero accomplishments, lies about her degrees, lies about her secret brother, lies about her plastic surgery, an utter disgrace to the nation. Michelle, you are missed.”

However, this trip was not only about the outfits, there was also some other eye opening things going on, like how ‘EXTRA’ they were in their travels. Here, you’ll know what I mean after this…

The Obamas arrived in Italy on May 19 on a private plane escorted by six fighter jets and a 13-car motorcade. They also had a police car waiting for them in the streets of Siena, with a siren going off as they made their way outside.

Barack waved at the crowds and smiled as supporters welcomed him and his wife into the city.

6 fighter jets and a 13-car motorcade? I thought no one gets rich in politics?

Anyhow…here, you need to check out what all the fuss was about.

Michelle was also spotted wearing another off-the-shoulder pink top with white ripped jeans while exploring the hill town of Montalcino over the weekend. She was seen accompanied by members of her security team.

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