CNN: Obama’s Like Eye Of Sauron Or Something

Someone needs less caffeine

(Mediaite) During a serious discussion about intelligence on ISIS during CNN’s Erin Burnett Out Front Friday evening, host Erin Burnett decided to employ an unusual metaphor to make a point about U.S. “priorities.”

“I’m sort of thinking in The Lord of the Rings, you know, the Eye of Sauron is now on Syria and Iraq,” Burnett said, “but as a result it’s not looking anywhere else. It is not looking at Libya, it’s not looking at a lot of other places, it’s not looking there. How big of a risk is that?”

Her guest David Gergen didn’t miss a beat, saying, “That’s a really good question, Erin. It’s exactly what some of our friends in the Arab nations are asking: Are you guys only going after ISIS or are you going to look at the bigger threat?”

Now, Mediaite’s headline states that she was comparing the U.S. to the Eye Of Sauron, but, really, Sauron is one guy, so that has to be Obama, right? And Sauron was a Very Bad Person.

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