When It Comes To Obama’s New Climate Rules, Guess Who Wins?

Is it those women, treated like hothouse flowers in need of rescuing by Warmists, who are constantly held up as being victims of “climate change”? Kids? Animals? Nope

US climate policy winners and losers: lawyers come out on top

In the wake of the EPA’s clean power plan, a host of lawsuits indicate that the costs and benefits of President Obama’s climate initiatives will not be shared equally

There will be some other winners and losers, such as “clean energy” companies, who’ll repeat the rewards of tax subsidies and loans (before going out of business after hiring a tenth of the workers originally proposed). They’ll be winners. Losers will be companies like coal companies. Oh, and the American people, who will see their cost of living skyrocket. And then

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Regardless of the long-term effects of the EPA’s power-sector proposal, it’s increasingly clear who its first beneficiaries will be: lawyers. The EPA already faces a lawsuit filed last month by a dozen heavily coal-reliant states. Murray Energy, the largest privately held coal-mining company in the country, filed suit in March.

As such litigation illustrates, the impact of Obama’s climate initiatives will play out over time, and not for the benefit of “all of the above”. And, as similar lawsuits will undoubtedly work their way across several affected industries, it’s clear that the struggle for climate resilience will, at least to some extent, play out in the courts.

The policies will make it much, much easier to sue. So far, most “climate change” lawsuits are either dropped or lose in court. Now, the lawyers, who are big donors to Democrats and Democrat causes, will be big, big winners. Surprise!

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