Confirmed: Obama The Most Polarizing President Ever

I’m sure somewhere this is because of raaaaacism

(Washington Post) President Obama ran – and won – in 2008 on the idea of uniting the country. But, each of his first three years in office have marked historic highs in political polarization, with Democrats largely approving of him and Republicans deeply disapproving.

For 2011, Obama’s third year in office, an average of 80 percent of Democrats approved of the job he was doing in Gallup tracking polls, as compared to 12 percent of Republicans who felt the same way. That’s a 68-point partisan gap, the highest for any president’s third year in office – ever. (The previous high was George W. Bush in 2007, when he had a 59 percent difference in job approval ratings.)

In 2010, the partisan gap between how Obama was viewed by Democrats versus Republicans stood at 68 percent; in 2009, it was 65 percent. Both were the highest marks ever for a president’s second and first years in office, respectively.

It’s surely because you wing nuts refuse to buy into fundamentally changing America, and don’t want to see Obama succeed because he’s half-black. Why can’t you just admit that Obama knows better than you what is good for you and the country? Jerks.

Our guess is that Jones’ latter hypothesis is the right one – that we are simply living in an era in which Democrats dislike a Republican president (and Republicans dislike a Democratic one) even before the commander in chief has taken a single official action.

There is something to that: the bases of both sides listen to what each candidate says and what they have done, creating that opposition. There is a battle for the soul of this country, and even some of the moderates on both sides are far apart from each other. Furthermore, each base is going to immediately state that the other party’s guy just plain sucks, and can almost never give credit where credit is due.

Where do we go from here? More of the same. But, then, that’s politics. The right doesn’t want increased Central Government spending obscene amounts of taxpayer and borrowed money, while the left wants the opposite. Of course, it doesn’t help when the Left attempts to destroy their political opponents in a personal manner, becomes extremely deranged against those political opponents, and thinks the right is about “hate”, rather than being engaged in a disagreement. Larry Elder said to Chris Matthews

“It’s called a disagreement,” Elder says. “You perceive it as hatred, just like you perceive that the Republicans want people to die on gurneys, and they don’t care about illegal aliens, and all the other silly things that you’ve said. That’s hatred. That’s hatred, Chris.”

And it doesn’t help that Obama acts more as leader of the DNC rather than president of the United States, even turning the official White House website into a partisan platform. He attacks and denigrates all who disagree with him. Interestingly, the only people Bush actually went after was his conservative base during the amnesty talks.

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