Creepy: The Daily Beast Wants Companies to Sign ‘Loyalty Oaths’ to Obama’s ‘Economic Patriotism’

Conservatives have been jokingly referring to Barack Obama as “Dear Leader” since the beginning of his first term. And liberals are only too happy — or too stupid — to prove us right by over and over again showing their slavish devotion to Obama that is a little too reminiscent of dictators like Mao or Kim Jong Il. The latest example? Requiring companies to sign loyalty oaths to Obama’s “economic patriotism”.

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The Daily Beast’s Jonathon Alter is precisely the kind of useful idiot upon which the Obama regime counts to spread their carefully-crafted message.

While many companies are fleeing the U.S.’s punitive-oriented taxation system that is predicated upon penalizing the rich, most would seek to solve this problem by applying Occam’s Razor: they would conclude that if the “eat the rich” mantra of the left is creating corporate refugees, the simplest solution would be to address the crushing taxation.

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Instead, the left has begun a campaign to try and shame corporations who defect. Alter even goes so far as to claim that corporations should have to sign loyalty oaths which pledge allegiance to Obama’s “economic patriotism.”

… At a time when China is on the upswing because of pro-capitalist changes and at a time when even Cuba is starting to loosen their control on government-run commerce, our nation is stagnating as government vultures are seeing the consequences of decades of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I’ll tell you the story ends: if you rob Peter to pay Paul, eventually Peter has enough and leaves.

The kind of governments that enact these kinds of oaths are dictatorships and banana republics, so it’s rather telling that this is what liberals are embracing. Things like this should send a strong message to conservatives to stand united against this liberal idiocy, because if we don’t, our once-free country will cross the line from an almost-dictator to full-fledged tyranny.

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