Delusional David Brooks Calls Obama Regime “Amazingly Scandal-Free”

Just how clueless would you have to be to believe — or even to believe you could get others to believe — a statement like the one recently coughed up by New York Times token faux conservative David Brooks, the guy who back in 2008 believed Obama to be qualified for the presidency based on the crease in his britches?

Appearing on “PBS Newshour” Friday, Brooks applauded President Barack Obama and his staff for running an “amazingly scandal-free” administration — despite plenty of Republican criticism of how the administration has handled a number of incidents, including the botched gun operation known as Fast and Furious, the response to the Benghazi attacks, the admitted IRS targeting of conservative groups, NSA surveillance and the inadequate health care treatment of veterans at VA hospitals.

“And I have my disagreements, say, with President Obama, but President Obama has run an amazingly scandal-free administration, not only he himself, but the people around him,” Brooks said. “He’s chosen people who have been pretty scandal-free.”

Seeing is believing:

Either Brooks is the most arrogant propagandist to appear on PBS yet, or he actually believes this and is sufficiently delusional as to require psychiatric care.

For the enlightenment of folks who have no idea of what has been going on for the past 6 years, the Daily Surge presents From A-Z: The Complete Guide To Obama’s Scandals, Lies, And Blunders:

A. Associated Press Scandal
B. Benghazi
C. Chinook Helicopter
D. Drones
E. Eric Holder
F. Fort Hood
G. Guantanamo
I. IRS Scandal
J. Jay Carney
K. Keystone Pipeline
L. Lobbyist
M. Monsanto
O. Operation Fast and Furious
P. Putin
Q. Questions
R. Recess Appointments
S. Solyndra
T. Timothy Geithner
U. Unemployment numbers
V. VA Scandal
W. Weapons of Mass Destruction
Y. You didn’t build that
Z. Zero Votes

See the source for information on each of these many scandals and scandalous blunders.

Apparently none of them has come to the attention of Brooks, who remains transfixed by the amazing crease in the Lightworker’s pants.

The list is getting dated already; there is nothing on there about rolling out the red carpet along the Iranian terror state’s path to nuclear weapons, or about creating the power vacuum that in turn created ISIS.

By the way, Brooks mentions Tom Delay as an example of a scandal-prone politician to contrast with Obama. As pointed out at NewsBusters, Tom Delay was formally acquitted of the charges with which he was smeared. If one tenth the effort spent on ruining Delay’s career were devoted to investigating Obama’s misdeeds, he would probably be behind bars.

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