Digg On Obama’s Agenda: They’re Pretty Lukewarm On It

Digg isn’t a political website per se, but it is an extremely popular, leftward leaning link website. So, when I noticed they had a thread about this…

Vice President Joe Biden said today that if Democrats were to lose 35 House seats they currently hold in traditionally Republican districts, it would mean doomsday for President Obama’s agenda.

…I was genuinely interested to see the responses. Here are some of the more representative quotes that jumped out at me:

Novion76: If the Democrats actually grew a pair and did something with the majority given to them, perhaps they wouldn’t have to worry about re-election because they’d have something to show for their work. It’s amazing how time after time they seem to fail to realize this and squander the opportunities given to them.

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jonlarge: A lot of people say that Bill Clinton did some of his best work after the Republicans took control of congress. It forced him to be more moderate and, as a result, the government made more sane decisions. I like Obama, but many of the Democrats in Congress are far too left for my taste. Part of Obama’s problem in his bipartisan approach is that Congressional Democrats think they should just go at everything alone (though I realize Republicans aren’t exactly helping out either). I could keep going on, but basically, I think that Republicans taking control of one house of Congress could be the best thing to happen for Obama and this country.

Anachronus: I think the record is pretty clear on that. One party rule is not a good thing. Democrat President with a Republican congress worked last time it was tried.

Suricou: Bipartisanship is a myth. Both parties claim it’s their goal – but both also realise that the first to actually try it will just be crushed by the other taking advantage of this weakness, so all they can do is make empty gestures of cooperation.

poprocksandsoda: The Dems have complete controll of Congress and can’t pass a bill, so how could this get worse? As a Republican, I beg the Dems to stop pointing fingers and take the responsibility the majority gave you. The only reason they will not push through anything without Republican participation is that they know they will be held accountable and they don’t want that. They want new jets to fly their family and friends coast to coast, but God forbid we ask them to lead. The Democrats will lose more than 35 seats in the 2010 mid-terms not because of Republicans alone, but because Democrat voters will look elsewhere to leaders. This Democratic Congress was never about anything more than getting elected and getting cushy jobs for friends and family.

Summary: For the most part, although Digg is left-leaning, they’re not the same hardcore activist crowd that hangs out at say, the Daily Kos. The fact that so many of these people are ambivalent about the job that Obama is doing and the prospect of more Republicans getting elected is a very good sign.

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