Does Obama trip to Massachusetts presage Coakley’s failure?

The last and best word on the subject is that Obama is going to Massachusetts to bring his prestige to bear on the upcoming Massachusetts Senatorial election. You can hear Coakley confirm this, even as she makes the stunning statement — stunning considering that she’s hoping to represent Massachusetts in the United States Senate — that Curt Schilling, a former, and incredibly successful, Red Sox’s pitcher, is a Yankees fan:


I’ve decided that it’s a great thing that Obama is going to Massachusetts, because his track record is a good sign that his presence will be the kiss of death for the Coakley campaign. After all, when you think about it, since his election, nothing Obama has touched has succeeded. He did get his stimulus package, which seems to have trashed the economy. His next pet project, Cap and Trade, is dead-ended in the Senate. And while it’s still possible that Congress will burden us with ObamaCare, to date it does not go on the “accomplished” side of the Obama ledger.

More than that, whenever Obama has gone somewhere with his cap in hand, he’s been rebuffed. Remember the fanfare surrounding his trip to Copenhagen so that his prestige would sway the International Olympic Committee to award to 2016 Summer Olympics to Chicago? Obama may have gone there with his cap in hand, but he returned here with his tail between his legs, after the IOC gave him a humiliating rebuff by eliminating Chicago in the first round.

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Undaunted, Obama returned to Copenhagen to spearhead an incredibly wonderful Climate Change summit that, his acolytes assured us, would see America carry the day on turning the clock back on Man-made Global Warming (ah, sorry, “Man-made Climate Change“). Again, Obama was rebuffed. Indeed, he was so soundly rebuffed that the Chinese premier canceled a meeting with him and Obama, unable to handle that with grace, tried to bully his way in to see the premier (a pathetic move his aides unconvincingly denied).

Here at home, Obama tried to lend his prestige to John Corzine’s campaign in New Jersey. Obama was also kind enough to try to give Craig Deeds a helping hand in Virginia. We know how those elections ended up — and that was when Obama was still slightly more ascendant in the polls than he is now.

When Obama goes begging, he comes up losing. His track record, therefore indicates that his presence at Coakley’s side will not help her. Instead, it may well mark her with a great big “L” in the middle of her forehead:


(By the way, although it’s completely irrelevant to this post, I want to address here David Frum’s smug argument that Scott Brown, the man conservatives across America are backing, is liberal in his politics. Frum has therefore concluded that only RINOs can run and win in national elections. With all due respect, Mr. Frum, that is a silly argument. Conservatives fully understand that Brown is fairly liberal, at least when it comes to some government programs. This liberality, while it may not be the average conservative’s cup of tea, means that Brown is electable in ultra-liberal Massachusetts. What matters to conservatives is that Brown is still infinitely more conservative than Coakley, not to mention being a more appealing human being. Even more importantly, if elected, he will do something true conservatives deeply desire: stop ObamaCare.)

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