The Doom of Dubuque: How Progressives Will Turn Every Town in America Into a Ghetto

For the “fundamental transformation” to be completed, no pockets of the core population can be allowed to exist. The ghetto must be spread to every corner of the country. To accomplish this, Obama has been inflicting a program called “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” (AFFH). The dismal fate of Dubuque, Iowa — which has been affectively annexed by Chicago — shows how it works:

An account of Dubuque as a forerunner of a post-AFFH world comes to us courtesy of a stunning report by Deborah Thornton, a policy analyst for Iowa’s Public Interest Institute. The report tells the story of how Dubuque was pressured to cede large swathes of its governing authority to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which has forced the city to direct its limited low-income “Section 8” housing resources, not to its own needy citizens, but to voucher-holders from Chicago.

Unlike the more familiar forerunner of AFFH, Westchester County, Dubuque is not an upper-middle-class suburb but a small and economically struggling city. At $44,600, median income in Dubuque is well below the state median of $51,843. Like other nearby Mississippi river towns with aging populations, Dubuque is hard-pressed to provide good jobs and decent housing for the low-income people already there: poor families with children, retired elderly, and disabled adults. The city’s priority is to revive its economy by keeping its young people from moving away, and by attracting new residents who are willing and able to start businesses. Like any city, Dubuque’s first obligation is to see to the needs of the citizens who already live there, vote, and pay taxes.


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With many more Section 8 applicants than it could house, Dubuque instituted a low-income housing point system granting preference to Dubuque residents, county residents, state residents, and out-of-state residents, in that order.

Sorry, can’t do that. Too many white people would get housing. It would be racist against blacks who live 200 miles away in Chicago.

[B]y effectively treating Dubuque and Chicago as part of the same “region,” HUD was able to declare Dubuque’s low-income housing point system discriminatory. Since the vast majority of Section 8 applicants from Chicago were African-Americans, Dubuque’s preferences for citizens of its own city, county, and state were deemed racist.

HUD presented the struggling town with an offer it could not refuse. Submit to colonization by the Chicago ghetto and not only do you keep getting federal funds, we don’t crush you with a lawsuit for being “racists.”

Since the colonists don’t have to work for a living, they can dedicate themselves to reproducing at a faster rate than the original inhabitants of Dubuque, the economy of which will be destroyed by the increasing drain of the parasitical invaders planted there by the federal government. Soon it will be indistinguishable from any other rancid, hopeless ghetto — just like your town, sooner or later. There will be no white neighborhoods when utopia is achieved, just as there will be no local government.

Yet again, federal funding is used as leverage to inflict tyranny. Any community that takes federal money has swallowed poison. If it doesn’t get its stomach pumped, it will die.

Dubuque: Historic houses will give way to hellish housing projects.

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