Dowd, Carter, and the liberals who cry wolf…

Racism exists. This is a fact. It is not, however, as prevalent as it was in the 60’s and prior. There is no denying the fact that we’ve made great strides to bridge the gap between races. Kathleen McKinley grew up in Mississippi in the 60’s – these are her thoughts:

I think anyone who reads me on a regular basis knows how passionate I am about the race issue. Growing up in the 60’s in Mississippi as a child of integration, I saw real racism, up close, and horrifying. When people like Maureen Dowd call people racist that are no such thing, she diminishes what happened back then, and she makes the word racist nothing more than a slur.

She should be ashamed.

This goes for everyone. For the likes of Maureen Dowd and Jimmy Carter to come out with these blanket accusations means that really, they’re desperate. They have no idea how to react to what’s going on, and the racism is their default – there’s no way to definitively refute it, so the accusations work. They’ll go out of their way to spin our media coverage into that of a KKK rally… which would be funny if it didn’t mean intensifying the problem.

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Ron Miller weighs in on being a conservative, black candidate who expressed his concerns with Obama’s policy proposals campaign:

You would think I had donned a white robe and hood based on the reactions of my black friends. One even went so far as to say that Obama’s blackness was reason enough for me and other blacks to vote for him. I shot back that when I ran against a long-time white incumbent for a state Senate seat in 2006, she and other blacks voted against me in droves so racial solidarity apparently only works one way.
I went on to evoke the old Zora Neale Hurston quote, “my skinfolk ain’t necessarily my kinfolk,” a phrase used often as a pejorative against blacks who don’t toe the party line. In this case, I used it to shine the light on the naked hypocrisy of blacks who want unquestioned loyalty to Obama because he’s black but call Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, the first black chairman of the GOP, a “house Negro.”

The bigger issue is this: They’re making the race issue trite. No one wants to hear about it anymore, because they’re using it in contexts that are just laughable. The way they talk, you’d think that what happened at conservative rallies across the country was equivalent to a Klan meeting. So far, I have not seen a burning cross or white hood. Sorry to burst your bubble, leftists.

The truth? There have been black and hispanic speakers at every Tea Party event I’ve gone to, and every single one has managed to survive the racist mobs! 9/12 included several black speakers, a hispanic speaker… hip hop music as well as country. Are there more white people? Sure. There is no doubt a racial divide. This is only enhanced by encouraging racial memes, not diminished.

So what happens when racist events actually occur? They get swept under the rug because people are so tired of hearing about it. I am called a racist on a daily basis. It has no effect on me anymore. Headlines with the racist accusations don’t even get a click at this point.

Get a freaking grip, Maureen Down and Jimmy Carter. The current opposition has nothing to do with the fact that he’s black. It has everything to do with him being a tax and spend liberal that I disagree with on every level. The color of his skin does not impact his policies or his leadership, and those are what we are taking issue with. Keep beating a dead horse to your own peril.

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