During Earth Hour, Lights Stay On At White House And Goracle Event

As the useless man made global warming gesture of Earth Hour passed through the Eastern time zone, I wonder what happened?

Other sites expected to participate in the U.S. were businesses on the glittering Las Vegas strip and the Mount Rushmore presidential monument in South Dakota. The lights stayed on at the White House, U.S. Capitol and the Lincoln and Washington monuments, though they were switched off at the Smithsonian Institution and the National Portrait Gallery.

They couldn’t even turn the lights off for a single hour? Heck, most of us who live in Reality Landâ„¢ turn the lights and electric using objects off when we leave the room. But, hey, wouldn’t want Obama wandering around in the dark (there’s a joke in there I’ll let ferment) in the White House……wait, what?


The President will spend the weekend at Camp David. He will return to the White House on Sunday evening. The arrival on the South Lawn is open press.

So he left all the lights on and he wasn’t even there? Bad Barry! Same for Congress, which is on Easter break. How about Al Gore?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spent Saturday evening with former Vice President Al Gore headlining a fundraising event at the Rio Hotel and Casino. The annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner benefits Clark County Democrats.

Vice President Gore spoke about the Democratic party’s greatest accomplishments and what’s in store for the future.

Nearly a 1,000 people attended the fundraiser. Gore said Nevadans need senator Reid to keep his job so he can continue fighting for job creation, education and clean energy.

I’ve searched and searched and searched, and in no story can I find any mention that they paid even lip service to Earth Hour. Actually, I can find a total of three stories, the above, and here and here. You’d think some story would mention it. Especially in lite of Gore blowing off Earth Hour last year.

Elsewhere, Anthony Watts proves that Earth Hour is just as a much a failure in California this year as it was last year.

There were fireworks in Seattle, so as their residents weren’t scared of the dark.

Wasn’t the point to turn all the electricity off? Fail tag.

BTW, climate alarmists, tweeting about turning off your lights during Earth Hour is a major Fail!

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