Effigy Of Obama Hung In Jimmy Carter’s Hometown

I’m waiting for the Typical Liberal “Blame The Right” Fest to start (BBC, which also has video)

The US Secret Service says it is investigating after an effigy of Barack Obama was found hanging in the home town of former President Jimmy Carter.

TV footage showed the doll hanging by a noose in front of a red, white and blue sign that reads “Plains, Georgia. Home of Jimmy Carter, our 39th President”.

Witnesses said the effigy had President Obama’s name on it.

Who could have done it? Certainly, there are folks on the Right who could. People on the way way way far right, who share few to no values with American Conservatives/Republicans. Of course, it could also have been done by people on the Left, who are upset with Obama, and also like to pull these kinds of stunts. We shall have to wait and see.

Excitable Alan Colmes is being coy, and just mentioning the story. It’s no wonder after he and so many of the Excitable Left hoist on their petards after their blame storm over the census worker death earlier in the year. Of course, a few of his commenters go with typical anti-South hatred. Raw Story is sitting on their blame. The Democratic Underground, however, is going on a tear.

The Astute Blogger points out that they are making a federal case of it, but, it occurred with Bush all the time.

Oh, hey, interesting. Sumter County, where Plains, Georgia is located, went Obama 52.7% to 46.7% McCain.

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