Ex-Secret Service Agent On Benghazi: Obama Left Americans To Die Because He Feared Another “Blackhawk Down”

Obama could have gotten help to the Americans fighting for their life in Bengahzi. He chose not to do so. Ex-Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino says Obama left those men to die for purely political reasons.

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It was an insider attack, planned for months. The administration didn’t want to admit that Libya was a failed mess. It had to be a foreign policy success right before the election, they knew there was a foreign policy debate coming up.

He [Obama] had just gotten destroyed during the first debate with Romney because he had nothing to stand on.

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So they had to find a scapegoat when this happened. They tried this ridiculous meme about the video, which is basically laughed at now, but back then was accepted by a collaborative media that just wanted to propagate this Aesop’s fable.

But I really believe that they just had them stand down because they had memories of “Blackhawk Down.”

And if we got stuck over there, we’re going to have to tell a story about how Libya is a failure. But they never — can you imagine listening to the cries for help?

The horror. And now these tapes are apparently out there, there were drones overhead and there’s video too, which were there about 90 minutes after the attack started.

Seem feasible? Absolutely — particularly when you consider that the Obama Administration immediately lied to the American people about a video causing the attack to try to shift the blame. Obama was responsible for those men’s lives. Too bad for them he may have decided it was politically safer to let them die than take a risk to try to save their lives.

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