Experience Counts

Finally, the global community knows that the leader of the World’s Largest Superpower is a statesman who can take control on the international stage and get things done while other, lesser leaders are left floundering around trying to either turn their gaffes into global policy, or trying to keep their gaffes from becoming global policy.:  The leader I’m referring to, of course, is Vladimir Putin.


When Barack Obama went out on the campaign trail and drew his “red line” for Syria, it was widely acknowledged as a mistake – no world leader worth his salt would box himself in with a statement like that…but the Community-Organizer-In-Chief, likely not realizing the ramifications of his statement, let it be.:  By all appearances, the administration’s entire push for war is based solely on President Obama’s desire to rescue what little credibility he might have left on the world stage…and let’s be honest here – it’s working great so far, isn’t it?


It was truly embarrassing to watch President Obama leave the G20 summit like a dog with his tail between his legs, as the international support he was hoping to garner just failed to materialize – primarily because President Obama seems to be the only world leader who doesn’t realize that the outcome of Syria’s civil war really becomes a national security concern to nations across the globe if the rebels win…which makes punishing Assad a bit less of a priority than Barack Obama and John Kerry would lead us all to believe.


And speaking of our intrepid Secretary of State, the latest proposal on the Syria debacle happens to have arisen out of his own gaffe – almost as soon as he had (hypothetically) proposed letting Assad off the hook if only the Syrian government would give up their chemical weapons and submit to inspections, the Russian government had put out an official proposal basically mirroring Kerry’s gaffe – even while the State Department was trying to walk it back.:  The Russian proposal has already been accepted by the Syrian government.


The thing that I wonder about as I watch my president twist in the wind (even now the administration is re-writing President Obama’s speech, which he is set to give this evening), is why anyone in America thought it would be a good idea to to elect a Community Organizer to be President of the United States.:  When Barack Obama was smoking weed with the “choom gang,” Vladimir Putin was rising through the ranks of the KGB.:  While Obama was filing law suits to force banks into making bad loans (all in the name of “civil rights,”) Putin was well on his way toward running the FSB.:  By the time Obama was elected to the Senate, Putin was running one of the largest nations in the world.


And now, the people of America are forced to stand by and watch as Vladimir Putin continues to run circles around the entire Obama administration.


Experience counts.

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