Father of Navy Seal who died at Benghazi Says Obama let his son die

Father of Navy Seal who died at Benghazi Says Obama let his son die

It must be tough to know that your son died because his commander-in-chief thought it was more important to catch up on sleep than send help.

ty woods

I wish he had taken the time the night of September 11, not to go to bed, not to go prepare to collect money in Las Vegas, but I wish he had taken time then to watch more of the video of the live time ambush attack at the Embassy and that I wish that he had sent the troops that everybody knows were available to rescue those people…

In this case, there was no rescue attempt, no planes sent. In fact, Ty’s body was left on the tarmac for three hours and there wasn’t even an American plane sent to rescue or even take his body home.

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They had to commandeer a Libyan plane and didn’t even know where they would be taken in order to remove his body from the tarmac. Is that the way to treat an American hero?

….Mr. Woods also noted he was informed of a conversation by General Carter Ham that there were assets available to use for a rescue but Ham was not allowed to deploy those assets.

If a competent man had been in the White House instead of a man who was elected because he’s good at giving speeches and shifting the blame, Ty Woods would probably still be alive today. Maybe Americans should take that into account in 2016 when we choose the next President.

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